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Lexus 450H
Lexus GS-450h

UK company VCARS published a very informative article on hybrids and electric vehicles this week:

Hybrid Cars
The most common hybrids available on the market today use a combination both petrol combustion engines and electric motors.

What are ‘Hybrid’ cars?
In simple terms, these are cars that use both electric motors and petrol combustion engines. The petrol engine charges the battery when using regenerative braking and during higher speeds. The battery operates the car at low speeds or in traffic, whilst the petrol engine cuts-in at higher speeds, therefore allowing the car to operate efficiently.

The combination of the petrol combustion engine and battery power tend to produce less CO2 and pollution. Hardly any gases are released into the atmosphere when the electric motor is running. Therefore, hybrid cars are often exempt from the London congestion charge, as well as qualifying for cheaper car tax.

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A very encouraging aspect of this article is the variety of green vehicles available now, and the pipeline on the way. Now, if we could only convince the designers not to make these vehicles so “distinctive” – a regular car with good fuel efficiency and performance would do.

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