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Goldman gets 400+% return on Horizon Wind

In March of 2005, Goldman Sachs acquired Zilkha Renewable Energy for an undisclosed purchase price, though it was widely speculated to be in the $500M range. Zilkha then morphed into Horizon Wind Energy, LLC. and was operated as a Goldman company until yesterday.

Energias de Portugal, S.A. (EDP) announced it’s intention to acquire 100% of Horizon in return for $2.15B. The combined EDP/Horizon portfolio will have over 3,800MW of generation by the end of this year and a pipeline of some 9,000MW.

This marks the latest in a series of European acquisitions in the US renewable power market. Earlier this month, AMP Resources was acquired by the Italian electric utility ENEL. It’s clear the large European companies are taking advantage of a window where US utilities are asleep at the switch…

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