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Hybrid wind/water installations

Q: Has anyone thought of combining offshore wind farms with ocean renewable energy technology? For example, could we use the offshore base of the wind turbine to produce energy from waves, tides, or currents?

A: Combined offshore wind, wave and tidal projects, also known as “hybrids,” hold great commercial potential down the line when wave and tidal technologies have become more established. At that point, wave and tidal production might compensate for the intermittency of offshore wind, while economies of scale developed from offshore wind could accelerate cost reduction for wave and tidal components.

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  1. Brian Braginton-Smith April 29th, 2007 9:13 am

    Integrated offshore structures will by economic necessity become the norm as we move into the offshore realm for renewable resource development. Offshore wind development costs will drive the partnering climate once the offshore region becomes active. Failure to maximize the platform economics make no sense other than to repreat what has already been done as a model. This is the core or the Ocean Ranch itegratd offshore sustainable technology platform concept. In addition to the energy there is also a critical need for aquaculture. – BBS