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More Land Open for Exploration

Both Australia and the US have started processes to open more land for geothermal exploration.

In Australia, the state of Victoria has opened 19 areas totaling more than 154,000 square kilometers. This augments the existing 12 licenses covering 74,000 square kilometers over 13 different exploration areas. Victoria has a target to harvest 10% of their energy needs from renewable sources by 2016 and geothermal harvest is key to that plan.

In the US, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has implemented its new process to expedite the nomination and subsequent competitive bidding for geothermal leases. In order to nominate a parcel, an application (Department of the Interior BLM Form 3203-1) is filed describing the tract along with a $100 fee plus $0.10 per acre. Nominations have been accepted in Nevada, Oregon, Utah, California, and Montana.

Oregon and Washington will be holding a competitive geothermal lease sale, tentatively scheduled for June 12. California and Nevada are currently planning a sale for July 15.

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